Installment loans -Take a look at instant installment loan no credit check

Banks primarily offers its products via the internet and operates in the private and business customer sector. In addition to various other bank loans, Banks also offers a comdirect installment loan.

Take a look at instant installment loan no credit check

Since the installment loan offers favorable conditions, above all for the customers of this bank, it is also recommended to exactly this circle of interested parties. For customers of this bank, the installment loan is already possible from a favorable fixed interest rate of 5.90%. This is the effective annual interest rate so that no further costs are to be expected. The interest rate is not dependent on credit rating but depends on the loan amount selected and the term chosen.

We offer credit facilities like instant installment loan no credit check. The instant installment loan no credit check can be applied online and you will immediately receive an online commitment. Within 2 business days after the online application, you will receive a binding credit decision. If the credit decision for the installment loan turns out to be positive, the loan amount will be paid out in full.

The terms of the installment loan

The terms of the installment loan

The installment loan comdirect is offered over the Internet and is aimed primarily at the customers of this direct bank. The comdirect installment loan offers loan amounts of 1,000 to 50,000 euros. With this installment loan you can already fulfill one or the other wish today. The repayment term is also freely selectable. Possible is a period between 12 and 84 months. The monthly repayment installments are calculated on the basis of the loan amount and the chosen term. There are also the interest rates, which are also based on the loan amount and the chosen term. The comdirect installment loan offers several advantages. For example, no processing fee is required and you can always make special repayments. For a small fee, the early replacement is possible. The bank offers this loan from monthly repayment rates of 50 euros.

The Most Indebted Countries in the World

World debt is growing. In 2016, global debt was estimated at $ 220 trillion, which is 325% of the global annual GDP. Is this a sustainable number? And who are the creditors?

Indebtedness is generally seen as a negative thing, but it makes sense in economic terms. If my own money earns me more than interest on borrowed money, it pays off. But how is the state debt? And in which country are households most indebted?


Public debt

Public debt

Public debt includes the debts of the state, regions and municipalities. Traditionally, Japan has the highest public debt to GDP ratio. Whose debt is mainly held by the Rose bank and the people of Japan. Japan is also the largest foreign creditor of the US debt. On the other hand, Greece has the majority of public debt in the European financial institutions and central banks (the biggest creditor is the European Financial Stability Fund, to which the euro area countries contribute). Greece, Germany, France and Italy are the largest creditors in each country. Creditors were forced to forgive some of Greece’s debts, and it had to commit to cuts and cut state spending on civil servants, pensioners, and other long-term high state spending.

According to current data from the first quarter of 2017, Greece has reduced its debt by 2.8 pp to 176.2% of GDP. The tightening of Greek belts and the implementation of agreed reforms with creditors meant that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved the launch of financial assistance to Greece in the form of a € 1.6 billion loan. However, it remains the most indebted country in Europe, and the IMF continues to regard Greek public debt as unsustainable.

In third place was Lebanon, which is torn by government instability and its state apparatus is pervaded by corruption and bureaucracy. Other European countries with debt over 100% of GDP are Italy, Portugal, Cyprus (107.8%) and Belgium (105.9%). The Czech Republic is among the countries with the lowest public debt in the EU. The EU average in the first quarter of 2017 was 84.1% of public debt to GDP. Czech public debt was 39.9% of GDP. During this period, Czech public debt grew the fastest from across the EU. This may be due to the upcoming elections, when the government is trying to thank a large group of people who receive public money. The current level is around 1.87 trillion crowns.

It is worth mentioning the public debt of Portugal. This state had problems with repayment in the financial crisis , as did Ireland . Both of these countries had approximately the same debt ratio in 2011 – 111% of their annual GDP. Ireland has taken the path of cuts and reforms, and within five years Ireland’s public debt has fallen to about 75% of GDP. Portugal has taken a different path and remains one of the most indebted countries in Europe, with its public debt at around 130% of GDP.


Household debt

Household debt is growing in the world and in the Czech Republic. 7 of the 10 countries with the highest household debt are from Europe, of which 4 are EU members. The 10 most indebted countries are among the most developed countries in the world having a very well developed banking system and their inhabitants have high incomes. The question is whether such debt is sustainable in the long term and if the financial crisis comes, households may not be able to pay their debts.

The Czech Republic is one of the least indebted countries in Europe. Czech household debt accounts for 31.5% of GDP. Least indebted households have economically underdeveloped countries. There, values ​​range from a few tenths to a few percent. The main factor is their low income and undeveloped banking system. For many large banks, lending to economically poor countries is too risky and a little profitable business.

In the future, economists expect a greater debt of Czech households. So should the Czech household learn to live on debt? Yes they have. Due to the low financial literacy of the Czech population, many households are trapped in a debt trap of disadvantageous fast loans. So we should not take household debts as evil, but we should be able to use them reasonably and not be caught in the disadvantageous high interest rates of fast loans.

Bank loan: You can borrow over 35 years

The number of real estate loans fell by 5.2% between March 2017 and February 2018. This slowdown is contributing to the return of long-term loans, according to the Crédit Logement / CSA observatory published on Tuesday . Banks do not hesitate to lend money over 30 or even 35 years, reports BFMTV .

First-time buyers and modest households

money cash

This is the case of Crédit Foncier Communal Alsace and Lorraine (CFCAL). The regional bank in Strasbourg, a subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel Arkea group, has launched an exceptional acquisition loan in recent months. Customers borrow over 35 years at 2.55% interest rate excluding insurance , reports Le Parisien . These credits represent 15% of CFCAL’s contract portfolio. Nearly every second contract (45%) concerns a loan over 25 years.

First-time buyers and modest households are in the front line. ” Our product is aimed primarily at young borrowers, of course, who dream of owning their home . But also to all those who have assets and want to invest again and to the assets, owners of their main home and have too low income to be able to borrow on a shorter term, “says Emmanuelle François, CEO of CFCAL.

1.78% rate for a loan over 30 years

1.78% rate for a loan over 30 years

This trend is benefiting borrowers penalized by rising real estate prices, or the decline in aid such as the Zero Rate Loan or APL Accession. ” While four years ago, only 15% of mortgages were spread over more than 25 years, more than 30% are registered in February. We are back on average terms of contracts more than 25 years before the Great Depression of 2008, “says Michel Mouillart, economist specializing in real estate.

Extending the term of loans can save tens of thousands of euros in purchasing power. The downside, the overall cost of credit increases. On the other hand, rates remain low. For a loan over 30 years, a borrower can expect an average rate of 1.78% . Banks and brokers hope to encourage first-time buyers to realize their projects. This file type has decreased by -20% at VousFinancer over the last 2 months of 2017.

See How To Open Your Checking Account with DC Credit Online

As a way to facilitate the financial operations of its account holders, DC Bank has launched DC, the digital checking account for anyone who wants to control finances quickly and from anywhere through the internet.

And the best, DC has no annuity or any other fee. With this in mind, we separate the best tips on how to open your digital account and take advantage of the benefits of the internet:


How to open your DC Credit?

financial problem

To open DC you must fill out an online form and select the preferred agency. After this process, your proposal will be subject to the approval of the agency’s administration and, if so, just wait for DC bank’s contact to come to the agency and finalize the process.

To confirm data, you must have at hand:

  • RG, CNH or CTPS;
  • CPF;
  • Proof of residence (account of water, electricity, telephone, internet or gas);
  • Proof of income up to 2 months (pay stub, paycheck or income tax return).

By choosing DC, the client receives a provisional card to make withdrawals and check balance on the opening act in the agency, and can take advantage of your online account immediately. And if you are already an account holder of DC, you can request the migration of your checking account to DC, without cadastral changes.


What are the advantages of DC Credit?

financial problem

DC offers various services, convenience, ease and security for all its customers.

Besides that, it is possible to monitor and carry out all your financial transactions from the comfort of your home or anywhere, with a guarantee of an anti-fraud protection system and the account offers several benefits, exempt from tariffs, such as:

  • Card for withdrawal;
  • Balance and extract consultations;
  • Unlimited transfers via DOC and TED;
  • Unlimited payments;
  • Credit card and loans: pre-approved credit limit;
  • Current account + savings: but if the money is stopped for a month, interest starts to run;
  • Authorized direct debit (planned payments);
  • DC Consortiums;

The digital channels of DC Bank account for 93% of the transactions carried out in the financial institution, and DC is only one of them.

Now that you know how it works and what are the advantages, how about opening your DC? And do not forget to share this article with your friends on social networks! Also, leave your comment if you have any questions or want to share your experience with DC. To the next!

Installment loan | Loans appreciated by experts.

Only a few years ago the offer of non-banking entities was associated mainly with payday loans. However, the lenders decided to fight harder for the client, because he usually incurred long-term liabilities at the bank.

This is how installment loans appeared on the market.

This is how installment loans appeared on the market.

It is a product that combines the advantages of payday loans and bank cash loans:

  • is available online
  • you can use it without leaving your home,
  • requires only a minimum of formalities,
  • the application process is automated,
  • provides access to large amounts – even tens of thousands of zlotys,
  • it is repaid every month in convenient installments – even for several years.

As a result, installment loans online can be taken instantly and the money is received on your personal account the same day – without wasting time visiting branches or providing certificates and other papers.

Merry Lend is the leader in the ranking of installment non-bank loans

Merry Lend is the leader in the ranking of installment non-bank loans

We already know what the installment loan is. Let’s check why it was HapiPożyczka’s offer that was unrivaled.

When creating the classification, Cashy.com took into account various criteria. First of all, he focused on:

  • commitment costs,
  • the amount of available amount,
  • the maximum repayment period available,
  • additional benefits.

After analyzing these aspects, it turned out to be the best  JollyCrase Cash brand has an installment loan on the non-banking market.

Let’s start with the costs. The Cashy.com portal used an example in which the client requests 10,000 PLN for 24 months. At JollyCrase Cash, his monthly installment will be PLN 458.67. As a result, the loan will cost it only PLN 1008.08 (APR 9.81%).

In this respect, competitors fared much worse. The second loan company in the ranking demands 2070 PLN for such support (APR 19.80 percent), and the last one – up to 8991.56 PLN (APR 99.53 percent).

You can also borrow up to 25,000 at Merry Lend PLN, dividing the debt into a maximum of 48 installments. Meanwhile, competitors usually offer much lower amounts.

Let’s move on. By taking out a loan at Merry Lend for at least seven installments, you can take advantage of the so-called loan holidays. This involves the complimentary white deferment of installment payment deadline by one month. The customer also receives access to a medical care program at a promotional price of PLN 300 a year.

How to get a installment loan in Merry Lend?

To apply for an installment loan at Merry Lend, you must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Have an ID card and Polish citizenship
  3. Obtain regular income (various sources are accepted).

 The application process begins with choosing the loan amount and repayment date using the sliders on the website. A short form is then filled in providing personal, contact and income information. A few minutes after sending the application, the lender sends to the e-mail address information about the loan decision.

If the loan is granted, the customer is asked to confirm his identity. For this purpose, he makes a verification transfer from his own bank account for the amount of PLN 1, which is then returned to him.

On the same day, the money is transferred to the borrower’s account. The loan agreement is sent electronically to the e-mail address.

JollyCrase Cash is a brand specializing in long-term non-bank loans available online. 


German consumers would not give Greece financial help – Loans

German consumers would not give Greece financial help – at least not out of pocket.

According to a Good Finance survey, well over 65% of participants would not lend money to Greece! In addition, more than 70% of respondents believe the crisis will permanently affect the relationship between Germans and Greeks.

The online survey on the Good Finance blog was attended by 1338 people who voted between 2 July 2015 and 8 July 2015.

Share survey result

The survey results in tabular form you can here download.

Good Finance CEO Alexander Artopé analyzes the survey result.

“German consumers convinced that saving is inevitable”

“The results of the Good Finance survey basically reflect the outcome of the Greek referendum – but with exactly opposite signs,” says Artopé. “While well over 62 percent of Greeks have opposed the US’s austerity targets, around 65 percent of the survey participants don’t want to lend money to the Greeks.”

“The rejection of the survey participants is probably the conviction of German consumers that in difficult financial situations, saving and change is inevitable,” Artopé continued. “And if that’s not the case, as in the case of Greece, it’s more against it.”

Good Finance provokes and lets Berlin swim in over 2 billion

Expansion: Good Finance cooperates with mobile and strengthens its position in the car loan market


Germany’s first fintech is now the largest credit portal


“The rejection of the survey participants is probably the conviction of German consumers that in difficult financial situations, saving and change is inevitable,” Artopé continued. “And if that’s not the case, as in the case of Greece, it’s more against it.”

According to a Good Finance survey, well over 65% of participants would not lend money to Greece! In addition, more than 70% of respondents believe the crisis will permanently affect the relationship between Germans and Greeks.


Interest-only mortgage more expensive and more expensive

The interest surcharges for an interest-only mortgage increase further. Is maintaining, renewing or renewing an interesting-only mortgage interesting?

Retain, renew or transfer interest-only mortgage

Retain, renew or transfer interest-only mortgage

The surcharges that mortgage providers use for a new interest-only mortgage are increasing further. This makes an interest-only mortgage increasingly less interesting to take out in favor of the annuity and linear mortgage. Is maintaining, renewing or renewing an interest-only mortgage still interesting?

Why this extra surcharge with interest-only mortgage?

Why this extra surcharge with interest-only mortgage?

Mortgage lenders use this surcharge because there is no contractual repayment on the interest-only mortgage. The mortgage is only redeemed at the end of the term (often 30 years) by a new mortgage (refinancing) or the sale of the home. This is in contrast to an annuity and linear mortgage where part of the mortgage is paid back every month. Not repaying is seen by the bank as a risk.

The entire mortgage amount for the entire term

With an interest-only mortgage, the entire mortgage amount for the entire term will end up on the lender’s balance sheet. With the upcoming new standards, this will have a negative effect on the bank’s balance sheet. This standard stipulates that banks must maintain higher buffers in order to be less vulnerable to financial crises. Although this new standard will only take effect from 2022, the banks will probably have already incorporated this into the mortgage interest.

Does it make skipping interesting?

Does it make skipping interesting?

Due to this increasing interest rate difference, it may be interesting to make the switch to an annuity or linear mortgage at an approaching end of the fixed-rate period and thus benefit from the low mortgage interest rate. Do you have an interest-only mortgage and are you curious as to whether this is of interest to you? Request a free mortgage comparison and discover your options.

BKR Registration Now Also in Red at Your Bank

BKR registration now also in red at your bank. I wrote earlier about the fact that when taking out a mobile subscription in combination with a ‘free’ phone, a bkr registration will apply. Now it’s also the turn of millions of people who are allowed to stand at the bank. The government has also opted to include small loans that previously did not come up for a credit application for the purpose of obtaining a revolving credit. This will also affect the amount of a mortgage. How do you get rid of this? Actually it is very simple, read on for the entire story.


Online banking

Online banking

It is therefore made very easy for you to be red at your bank. Nowadays, every self-respecting bank has an app where you can arrange most financial matters yourself. It all sounds nice, but arranging a small credit by simply indicating online that you would like to be in the future will be made very easy. For that entire online banking you still had to go to a bank, fill in the form, and then just wait and see if it would be approved. That, of course, was a threshold to do. Now you just do this at home and you don’t have to talk to anyone anymore.



BKR registration now also in red at your bank

credit loan

Previously it was not mandatory for financial institutions not to report amounts up to 500 euros to the bkr, but this will now change. It all seems not so bad, but when applying for a mortgage you better take it into account. Now that the mobile subscription is also taken into account in the assessment of a new credit, more and more hidden small debts are emerging.


How do you get rid of it?

credit loan

Very simple to get rid of your red balance, just cancel and clear your balance until you are no longer red. By the way, maintaining a negative balance at any bank is very expensive and is a great way for large banks to generate income. It is wiser to take out a separate credit such as a revolving credit if you need money. You are currently paying a laughable low interest on this and this can save you a lot of money every month.