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Only a few years ago the offer of non-banking entities was associated mainly with payday loans. However, the lenders decided to fight harder for the client, because he usually incurred long-term liabilities at the bank.

This is how installment loans appeared on the market.

This is how installment loans appeared on the market.

It is a product that combines the advantages of payday loans and bank cash loans:

  • is available online
  • you can use it without leaving your home,
  • requires only a minimum of formalities,
  • the application process is automated,
  • provides access to large amounts – even tens of thousands of zlotys,
  • it is repaid every month in convenient installments – even for several years.

As a result, installment loans online can be taken instantly and the money is received on your personal account the same day – without wasting time visiting branches or providing certificates and other papers.

Merry Lend is the leader in the ranking of installment non-bank loans

Merry Lend is the leader in the ranking of installment non-bank loans

We already know what the installment loan is. Let’s check why it was HapiPo┼╝yczka’s offer that was unrivaled.

When creating the classification, took into account various criteria. First of all, he focused on:

  • commitment costs,
  • the amount of available amount,
  • the maximum repayment period available,
  • additional benefits.

After analyzing these aspects, it turned out to be the best  JollyCrase Cash brand has an installment loan on the non-banking market.

Let’s start with the costs. The portal used an example in which the client requests 10,000 PLN for 24 months. At JollyCrase Cash, his monthly installment will be PLN 458.67. As a result, the loan will cost it only PLN 1008.08 (APR 9.81%).

In this respect, competitors fared much worse. The second loan company in the ranking demands 2070 PLN for such support (APR 19.80 percent), and the last one – up to 8991.56 PLN (APR 99.53 percent).

You can also borrow up to 25,000 at Merry Lend PLN, dividing the debt into a maximum of 48 installments. Meanwhile, competitors usually offer much lower amounts.

Let’s move on. By taking out a loan at Merry Lend for at least seven installments, you can take advantage of the so-called loan holidays. This involves the complimentary white deferment of installment payment deadline by one month. The customer also receives access to a medical care program at a promotional price of PLN 300 a year.

How to get a installment loan in Merry Lend?

To apply for an installment loan at Merry Lend, you must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Have an ID card and Polish citizenship
  3. Obtain regular income (various sources are accepted).

 The application process begins with choosing the loan amount and repayment date using the sliders on the website. A short form is then filled in providing personal, contact and income information. A few minutes after sending the application, the lender sends to the e-mail address information about the loan decision.

If the loan is granted, the customer is asked to confirm his identity. For this purpose, he makes a verification transfer from his own bank account for the amount of PLN 1, which is then returned to him.

On the same day, the money is transferred to the borrower’s account. The loan agreement is sent electronically to the e-mail address.

JollyCrase Cash is a brand specializing in long-term non-bank loans available online. 


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