As a way to facilitate the financial operations of its account holders, DC Bank has launched DC, the digital checking account for anyone who wants to control finances quickly and from anywhere through the internet.

And the best, DC has no annuity or any other fee. With this in mind, we separate the best tips on how to open your digital account and take advantage of the benefits of the internet:


How to open your DC Credit?

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To open DC you must fill out an online form and select the preferred agency. After this process, your proposal will be subject to the approval of the agency’s administration and, if so, just wait for DC bank’s contact to come to the agency and finalize the process.

To confirm data, you must have at hand:

  • RG, CNH or CTPS;
  • CPF;
  • Proof of residence (account of water, electricity, telephone, internet or gas);
  • Proof of income up to 2 months (pay stub, paycheck or income tax return).

By choosing DC, the client receives a provisional card to make withdrawals and check balance on the opening act in the agency, and can take advantage of your online account immediately. And if you are already an account holder of DC, you can request the migration of your checking account to DC, without cadastral changes.


What are the advantages of DC Credit?

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DC offers various services, convenience, ease and security for all its customers.

Besides that, it is possible to monitor and carry out all your financial transactions from the comfort of your home or anywhere, with a guarantee of an anti-fraud protection system and the account offers several benefits, exempt from tariffs, such as:

  • Card for withdrawal;
  • Balance and extract consultations;
  • Unlimited transfers via DOC and TED;
  • Unlimited payments;
  • Credit card and loans: pre-approved credit limit;
  • Current account + savings: but if the money is stopped for a month, interest starts to run;
  • Authorized direct debit (planned payments);
  • DC Consortiums;

The digital channels of DC Bank account for 93% of the transactions carried out in the financial institution, and DC is only one of them.

Now that you know how it works and what are the advantages, how about opening your DC? And do not forget to share this article with your friends on social networks! Also, leave your comment if you have any questions or want to share your experience with DC. To the next!

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